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World-first Development of Clathrate Sintered Body U-shaped Element Realizing Thermoelectric Conversion in Mid-high Temperature Range
 ― Aiming to Realize High-power Thermoelectric Generation Module for Effective Utilization of Waste Heat ―

November 17, 2017

Newly Developed a Heat Recycle Absorption Chiller that enables Recycle Energy from Low-Temperature Range Industrial Waste Heat at About Twice as the Temperature Difference of Conventional Units
 ― Promotion of Utilization for Factory Waste Heat and District Heat Supply Network Is Expected ―

May 16, 2017

NEDO and Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc. Establish Low-Cost Mass Production Manufacturing Technology for High-Performance Heat Storage Material
 ― By Reducing Production Costs, More Effective Utilization of Waste Heat Is Expected ―

March 15, 2017

High-Performance P-Type Organic Thermoelectric Material Capable of Being Manufactured via Printing
 ― Realized World’s Highest Level Power Factor of Over 600μW/mK2

March 14, 2017

Fiberless Thermal Insulator with High Strength and Low Thermal Conductivity Capable of Use at High Temperature Developed
 ― Energy Consumption Reduced by Approximately 38% through the Combination of Low Thermal Conductivity and High Strength ―

February 13, 2017

High-Temperature, High-Efficiency Heat Exchangers for Industrial Sector Developed
 ― Mino Ceramic Co., Ltd., to Produce and Market Heat Exchangers for Effective Utilization of Wasted Heat ―

December 24, 2015